How to reset your Samsung Galaxy S8

If your Samsung Galaxy S8 no longer runs the way you want it to, it may not be due to the age of the device. Sometimes it helps to set up the system again. We show you how it works.Date: 14/01/2020

Restart: The Samsung Galaxy S8 can be easily set up again.

The Galaxy S8 is still one of the most popular smartphones ever. If you have been using the device for a long time, a correct restart might be advisable.

Reinstall Samsung Galaxy S8: how it works

The following steps will reset the Galaxy S8 :

  1. Open the “Settings” and there “General Administration”.
  2. Choose “Reset”.
  3. Tap “Reset to factory settings”.
  4. Decide on one of the options shown. If you want to set up the S8 from scratch, select “Delete all”.

Remember that all data will be cleaned up. This option is mandatory if the device is planned to be sold. If you want to continue using it yourself, you should definitely back up the data beforehand, for example via cloud backup or locally.

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