Samsung Galaxy S20: alternatives to classic headphones

The Galaxy S20 is the first smartphone in the Samsung Galaxy S series to no longer have a jack connection. That’s why you need other headphones for this smartphone. We show you alternatives to classic headphones for the model.

Samsung Galaxy S20: Bluetooth headphones as an alternative

Samsung has introduced Bluetooth headphones together with the Galaxy S20 series, which you can use with the device. Models from other manufacturers are also possible.

  • The in-house Galaxy Buds + are the perfect Bluetooth headphones for your Galaxy S20. They are perfectly matched to the device and integrated.
  • When opening the charging case of the Galaxy Buds +, they automatically connect to the smartphone and a small window appears on the screen, which shows the battery level of the headphones.
  • In general, Bluetooth headphones offer the advantage that they do not need a cable connection to the smartphone. So you enjoy more freedom.
  • With your Galaxy S20 you can use all wireless headphones that are connected via Bluetooth. Therefore, you can perfectly replace the conventional jack headphones.
  • The biggest disadvantage of Bluetooth headphones is the battery, which must always be charged, otherwise they will not work.

Samsung Galaxy S20: USB-C headphones as a second alternative

The missing headphone jack of the Samsung Galaxy S20 is virtually integrated into the charging port. This means that USB-C headphones are also suitable as an alternative.

  • Samsung already comes with a pair of USB-C headphones with the Galaxy S20 . These were created in collaboration with AKG and offer a perfectly acceptable sound quality.
  • But here too, you can use all cable headphones that have a USB-C port.
  • A disadvantage of USB-C headphones is that they are wired and, like conventional headphones, this can be very annoying.
  • In addition, the charging port is blocked during use, which is why you cannot use the headphones and charge your smartphone at the same time with your Galaxy S20.

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