WhatsApp: “Wait for this message. It may take a moment.” – what to do?

If you receive the “Waiting for this message” error message on WhatsApp, the fault is not yours. We will tell you exactly what is behind this message in our practical tip.

WhatsApp: “Wait for this message. It may take a moment”

  • If you have received the message in WhatsApp, the written message cannot be sent for the time being.
  • The reason: Your contact must be online so that the chat message can be adequately encrypted.
  • This message is displayed, for example, if your contact has recently reinstalled WhatsApp.
  • The only way you can speed up this process is to tell your contact that he has to go online for the message to be sent.
  • The encryption in the app ensures that the messages cannot be read or copied by third parties. Only you and your contact have access to it.

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