How can I do reduce data consumption? This saves data volume on your cell phone or smartphone

Reduce data consumption – how to save data volume on your cell phone or smartphone * – Who does not know it – the message that the data volume is almost used up?  Usually, this throttling makes mobile surfing or watching videos completely obsolete, since everything takes far too long. So it makes sense if the speed * does not have to be throttled at all. The following article gives some tips on how to keep an eye on your data volume and how to save as much data as possible.


Change usage behavior

First of all, it makes sense to check your own usage behavior and to get to know it better. On most current smartphones, this is sometimes even possible via the settings and “data usage” or a similar point. Here you can set the period for which you want to see the data consumption. It is also interesting that it is shown which app has used how much data. This way you can find out which apps are the most burdening on the data volume.

you can set your own limit here

 Furthermore, you can set your own limit here, at which you will be warned when you have reached this amount of data. Another function could be particularly interesting for those who have a contract with data automation. There is also the option to set a limit, but which deactivates the use of mobile data.Smartphone * can of course also use other apps from their own providers, for example.

Some smartphone activities * naturally use more mobile data than others. Therefore, you should always consider whether and to what extent you really need different activities. An example of this is watching videos from the Internet via, for example, platforms such as YouTube. Here, for example, you could compromise the quality of the videos. It already saves a lot of data volume if you watch the videos in a lower resolution and thus in a lower quality.

you can enjoy your own music on the go without consuming mobile data.

 However, if you don’t want to do without your music on the go, you should perhaps download your music or save it offline. So you can enjoy your own music on the go without consuming mobile data.

Google Maps is also not the most economical application when it comes to the consumption of mobile data. Sometimes you may need the function quite often, for example when you are on vacation. One solution would be to use the offline maps that you can download at home beforehand. All you have to do is select the map section and select the “Save map for offline use” option.

If you don’t need the smartphone for a few hours, the flight mode can also be a great helper. In flight mode, all connections are cut and no internet is used at all. It also makes sense to use a WiFi network as often as possible. For example, there is now often free WiFi in public places and restaurants. Finally, while you are in the WiFi network, your own mobile data is protected.

Adjust settings on the smartphone

Background data means that the apps also consume data when they are not in use.In the settings of the smartphone, under “Data usage”, you can usually also specify for the individual apps that “Restrict background data” should be set manually. Even within the individual apps there are sometimes setting options that help save data.

If you surf a lot on your cell phone, you should think about an ad blocker. 

Using a different browser also makes sense if you surf the Internet a lot. There are, for example, alternative browsers that automatically compress data.All you have to do is switch on the “Data compression” option in the Chrome * settings .  The best thing to do here is to try out whether your own use is restricted too much.

An app that almost every smartphone owner has installed on their device is WhatsApp. Here you can set under “Data and memory usage” when downloading different media. The same goes for videos, documents and audio files. 

If all the tips are not enough and you still have throttled internet every month, it is advisable to look for a new tariff. It would make sense to choose a tariff with more inclusive data volume, which thus better suits your own use

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