How to resolve Alexa Echo WiFi and connectivity issues?


Alexa: Echo has WLAN or connection problems – how to help yourself – The Amazon ECHO devices can be used wherever there is a stable Internet and are usually paired with the home WLAN. This is the easiest and all routers now also offer suitable WLAN networks.

Problems arise especially when the devices cannot find the WLAN or cannot establish a connection, for example, because the WLAN password is not accepted. That happens every now and then.

A user writes in the Computer BASE Forum:

I have a problem in a network where I want to set up an Echo Dot 3. So far (for me in the household a total of 3 dots) everything has always worked, but now I’m almost desperate. The WiFi is found and if I then connect it to the Dot I always get the error message “Wrong password. Error 3 ”. The password is definitely correct, however, since I come with all other devices in WiFi. Another thing to mention is that a firewall Sophos SG135 is active in this network. Could it be that the radio is in between? But then there would be no error message regarding the wrong password, right?

And another Telekom * customer writes:

I have not had a WiFi connection between Alexa and my router (Speedport Hybrid) for about 1 week. Other devices in the WLAN run more or less without any problems. Only my Teufel streaming devices (Raumfeld One M and Teufel One S) occasionally lose connection to the WLAN. So far, I have always interpreted this as a range problem, which is why I plan to purchase a repeater (which one should I use ideally for the Speedport Hybrid?).

There are usually problems with the configuration – either on the ECHO side or with the WLAN. Fortunately, you can help yourself very quickly.

Alexa: Echo has WiFi or connection problems – this is how you help yourself

Basically there is always the simplest procedure in this case: both restart the ECHO and switch off the WLAN again and reactivate. Sometimes you can already fix some problems with it and then there are no more difficulties with the connection. If there is still no WiFi afterward, you have to go into more detail.

Amazon itself writes in the FAQ:

  • Make sure that your Echo device is within range of your WiFi router and has a good connection.
  • Make sure that your Echo device is not near devices that cause interference (e.g. microwave ovens, baby monitors or other electronic devices).
  • Make sure you have the correct WiFi password. If your WiFi password has changed recently, update your Echo device’s WiFi settings.
  • If you have multiple devices connected to your WiFi network, remove some devices to avoid overloading.
  • Connect your Echo device to your router’s 5 GHz frequency band (if available).
  • Restart your Echo device as well as your Internet router and/or your modem.

At this point, you should also test again whether the WLAN can be used with other devices (e.g. the cell phone). If there are problems, the router may have technical difficulties.

If nothing works and the connection cannot be established after all tips, only the support from customer service remains. 

Here you can either contact the Amazon directly or possibly your own internet provider.

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