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daily verse bible android

With this application you will receive Bible verses daily on your Android phone.

Regardless of one’s faith and religion, it cannot be denied that the Bible is a book full of wisdom and knowledge. Certain statements made there for a long time even have a scientific explanation behind them, which are only beginning to be confirmed in recent days.

It is also true that it is an extremely bulky book, so much so that it is very difficult to find information and advice on a particular topic or situation that a person is going through. Being a book with thousands of pages can even create dishonorable laziness.

 Daily verses from the Bible

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The Android application Daily Bible Verse helps you get into the Bible and take advantage of its valuable information in a faint and light way. Every day you can offer a daily verse, which is notified in the form of a notification on the phone.

Another very interesting thing about this application is that it allows you to choose between different themes, so that only daily verses of a particular interest are received . Among the available themes are Hope and Faith, Compassion, Charity and money, Childhood and Family, Forgiveness and Repentance, Love and Friendship, Sin and Temptation, Overcoming hatred and anger, etc.

In the application settings you can choose the time you want to receive the verse and adjust other options, such as reading the text when you touch on it. Each text or verse can be added to the favorites list as well.

It is important to note that the application requires an Internet connection to download a random verse from the Internet.

This is a very subtle way to get into the Bible and take advantage of its valuable life advice , which is not only useful for those who are having a difficult time in a certain situation, but for anyone who wants to gain a little wisdom, receive practical advice and handle yourself in a better way.

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