3 APPS you need to play GUITAR

If you are starting to play guitar, there are some apps that can make this process easier for you. As a complete novice and ignorant in music theory, they have helped me a lot and I hope they will help you too.

These applications will be useful if you are new to playing guitar or are at the most basic level. You probably already know that you need an app to tune the guitar. But you should also download a metronome and finally an application that allows you to slow down the songs you want to play.

Guitar tuner

The strings of the guitar have their respective note and you must tune them frequently, because they are always getting out of calibration.

There are many apps of this type in the Play Store, but the most practical of all I consider to be Guitar Tuna , which you can download completely free.

What I like most about this app is that it automatically detects the string you play and tells you if you should adjust or loosen it. I mean, you don’t even need to know the names of the guitar strings.


When playing the guitar it is vital to keep the rhythm of the melody. Technically, you must respect the beat of the song and the beats. The metronome is the tool that will help you with this.

The Metronome Beats app is the one I liked the most for Android. Here you can adjust the speed of time with the viewfinder or even manually, and also the compass.

What I do is find out the pulse of the song that I intend to play on guitar (this video helped me with it). Finally, I press the pulse on the metronome (in the Tap Tempo function). Once I have the pulse on the metronome, I play the guitar based on that pulse.

Change song speed

Amazing Slow Downer is an application that allows you to slow down a song. This is very useful because this way you can practice chord changes and the movement of the right hand. Even singing at the same time, which is the most difficult part. As you dominate the song you can increase the speed, until you reach the normal rhythm.

Another advantage of the utility is that you can create loops, so you can repeat over and over again that part of the song that is difficult for you.

This app is paid, but it has a free version, although the latter only allows you to touch the first quarter of the song. Another free alternative is to search the song on YouTube and reduce the speed of the video (although you only have four speed levels available here).

Indeed, with this app you would no longer need the metronome (or vice versa?). However, I recommend using the latter because it helps you understand how this of the bars and beats works, something you should know.

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