Printing with Android tablets: this is how it is possible

Today’s printer is network-compatible and that means several advantages in terms of operation. If you want to print documents from your Android tablet, we will show you how to do it.

WiFi printing: There are numerous apps for Android tablets that allow printing.

Printers are known to be happy to cause problems. In view of this, the print apps for Android usually do quite well.

This is how you can print with your Android tablet

The prerequisite for printing with Android tablets is a suitable app. There are basically two ways to do this:

  • Most major manufacturers like HP offer free apps for mobile platforms. This gives you access to all network-compatible printers of the brand.
  • Alternatively, there are higher-level apps with which you are not tied to a manufacturer. The Google Cloud Print app is available for Android tablets. You can download it here .

Ideally, the Google app works pleasantly simple: after installation, you can access printers on your network and start printing jobs. However, a disadvantage can be that the app does not work equally well with printers from all providers; Unfortunately, this is impossible to predict, since it always depends on the exact configuration of all devices involved and on the network.

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