How to install software updates for Android

If you have an Android smartphone, the device may no longer run properly. The reason for this is often a missing update. But this problem can be easily remedied by simply having Android check whether it is up to date and whether all updates are installed.

Software updates for Android – search and install

To let Android search for available updates, use an already natively installed function.

  1. Open the settings of your Android phone by tapping on the corresponding app. This is identified by a white gear with a blue background.
  2. Now go to “System”> “Advanced”> “System updates”. If you don’t see the “Advanced” option, then tap the “Via phone” option.
  3. In the view you can see your Android version and the status of the updates. If updates are available, you will now be notified and you can download and install them directly by tapping “Update”.
  4. The updates available depend on the manufacturer and the age of your mobile phone.

If no more updates are installed and you do not receive any notifications, then it may be that your Android smartphone has a fault. In this case, it is advisable to reset the phone to factory settings and then restore it .

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