Playing Sega Mega Drive games on Android and iOS – is that possible?

Sega Mega Drive games on your smartphone

Today’s tutorial is about how to play Sega Mega Drive games on smartphones and tablets with Android or iOS. In our new section “Ask readers – touch portal answers” ​​we answer your questions. Bernd from Dortmund asked us some time ago whether it is possible to play the old Sega Mega Drive classics on a smartphone or tablet.

We therefore introduce two ways to play Sega Mega Drive games for Android and iOS.


So you can play Sega Mega Drive games on your smartphone and tablet

Overall, there are two ways that you can play the Sega Mega Drive games on your smartphone or tablet. On the one hand with a so-called emulator, which is only available for Android, and on the other hand, with the portings that have been made directly by Sega for mobile devices.

We would then like to introduce these two options to you. Finally, we have the Sonic The Hedgehog app for you, although there are also some innovations in addition to the classic zones.

Possibility 1: With the help of an emulator for Android

With a so-called emulator, you can play numerous Sega Mega Drive games for Android on your smartphone and tablet. However, the use of an emulator is not controversial, because it will simulate the Sega Mega Drive on your device. You also need so-called ROMs, which are then started in the emulator.

Downloading these ROMs may violate copyright law. It is often said that as long as you have the original game, you can also download the ROM.

The GENPlusDroid is available as an emulator for Android, but has not been updated for two years. In the video below you can see such an emulator in action:This could be of interest to you   Our smartphone recommendations for Christmas 2019 – Find out more!

Option 2: Sega Mega Drive games as your own app implementation

Unfortunately, there are no such emulators for iPhone and iPad for the reasons mentioned above. Here you have to make do with the ports that Sega makes available in the iTunes App Store. This includes, for example, Sonic The Hedgehog, which we have below for you.

But there is still the Sega Genesis Retro Bundle. The Genesis is the Sega Mega Drive. The bundle includes 5 games, including Shinobii 3, Streets of Rage, Shining Force, Phantasy Star 2 and Space Harrier 2.

At least iOS 4.3 is required for the download.

Classic Sonic The Hedgehog as an app

Finally, we have the old Sega Mega Drive game classic Sonic The Hedgehog again for you. These are available for both Android and iOS.

This is a 1: 1 port, whereby control is now of course carried out on the display. For a price of around 3 euros you can get all 7 classic zones. Sonic takes you through loops and various platforms.

The mobile version of Sonic The Hedgehog also has a few innovations, including Tales and Knuckles, that you can play with. Controllers such as MOGA from Power A and other HID controllers are also supported. Here is the Google Play Store:

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