We bring you the phrases you should never use on Tinder. Cross out these phrases from your seduction dictionary.

Ruining a Tinder match is easy, you just have to use one of the following phrases. The social network is full of people who go too far in their first conversation and then wonder why their interlocutor has broken the match. If you feel alluded to, don’t worry, because we are going to detail the phrases that you should never use on Tinder .

Boldness is good because it makes us stand out . If we use it well, it will be a great weapon for seduction and it will show us fun. In any case, it is a style that we must use with class, because it is not the same to play with ingenuity than to blurt out the first nonsense that comes to mind. On the other hand, it is also not good to be boring and start the conversation with the typical “Hello, how are you?” because it is the typical phrase to cut the ice in the elevator. Below we list the phrases that you should never use on Tinder, so memorize them to erase them from your seduction dictionary.



We’ll start with the worst pick up lines on Tinder . The ones we will list are not vulgar, disgusting or cringe phrases, but they are boring. Opening a conversation with one of these is starting in the flattest possible way :

  • “Hi how are things?” : There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s a way of presenting yourself. Although it is also true that there is nothing good or funny about it, nor does it attract attention. It’s what you would say to your octogenarian neighbor when you meet him in the elevator.
  • “What are you looking for here?” : There are many people who are clear about what they are looking for in the app, but many others are not. It is not an aggressive or indiscreet question, and we can raise it later in the conversation, but opening with it is uncomfortable.
  • “You look like my ex-boyfriend”: Never say this during your first conversation on Tinder, well, not face to face. Nobody likes to start a conversation by talking about a third person, and also anticipates that you will make continual comparisons.


We all like to be with a person who is attractive to us, but focusing on it is a sign of despair. Filter profiles that appeal to you, but don’t make your match feel like just a body or a pretty face.

  • “Send body photo” : Asking another person for a body photo after meeting them is disrespectful. It means that you will simply value him exclusively for his physique. We all have physical tastes, but one thing is to look at the profiles that attract you and another, to make your interlocutor feel like a doll.
  • What nice legs, what time do you open? : It is one of the worst compliments that exist. It has it all: it’s crude, stale, and terribly worn. Even if you say it in a parody context, it’s basically stating that you’re a brother-in-law.
  • «Our children would be handsome»: Within the vulgar phrases it is not the worst, since it contains a minimum of ingenuity. However, the mere fact of talking about a future with children in a social network to flirt is too speculative. If you like each other, you’ll have time to change diapers.


Nasty phrases for not flirting on Tinder evoke a seedy image of you. They draw you as someone horny and obsessed with sex . Of the four categories we’ve created for phrases you should never use on Tinder, these are hands down the worst. Avoid the following:

  • I wish you were a magician to fuck me twice and disappear: Many Tinder users use the app to have sex, and that’s fine. Of course, if you want to have sex on Tinder, we recommend that you use more classy phrases. Showing up with your intentions isn’t bad, but this line isn’t exactly witty or funny.
  • “Is that package for me? : Postmen are one of the professions that have had to endure the most jokes with double meanings. This is one of them. Maybe if the conversation takes an erotic tone it won’t look bad, but the worst idea you can have on Tinder is to open up to a man like that. In addition, he surely thinks that you are hesitating or that you are a fake profile.
  • Who is your gynecologist? To lick his fingers: It is the worst sentence you will read in this article, at least the most unpleasantly graphic. It’s so distasteful that you should be permanently banned if you use it.


The cringe-inducing lines on Tinder aren’t crude or sexual, but they do sound like something out of a low-budget rom-com. In addition, they evoke a different image of who you are, if you use them without feeling them after seeing them on the internet. Some are:

  • “What horoscope are you?” or “Do you really believe in horoscopes?” : Believing in the horoscope is a personal decision. Many people believe and many others are bored, therefore, it is best to avoid the subject at first. If your match has their horoscope in the tooltip, it might be a good idea to talk about it, but if not, just ignore it for now.
  • “I am different from the other people in this application” : We all want to stand out in a social network with so many users, but believing that you are different is petulant. Your match will think you’re arrogant, so if you want to show that you’re different, let them know with a funny conversation, cool photos, or a witty bio .
  • I fell in love when I saw you: Tinder is not a Hugh Grant romantic comedy. It’s the typical seductive phrase used in late-afternoon movies, so it’s best to avoid it. It is true that you will attract attention, but it is a light statement that is probably a lie, and the other person will know it.

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