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17 useful Telegram bots you should know about in 2022 1

Telegram is one of the most useful messaging applications out there today due to the number of functions it has for users. One of these tools available to you are bots. If you still don’t know them, today we leave you a compilation of 17 useful Telegram bots that you should know about in 2022.

Telegram bots are small programs that can be used by Telegram chats or public channels to perform a specific function. Today we show you a compilation with the most interesting ones in case you want to try them.



We start the selection with the 17 useful Telegram bots that you should know about in 2022 with a collection of Telegram Bots to earn money. You should always keep in mind that some of the features of these bots may not be as advertised.

  • Earn Money . This bot offers to do simple tasks and earn real money in return.
  • Earn easy money. This is another of the bots that announce the achievement of money by following the instructions that they indicate.
  • Twix money. This bot also offers you money in exchange for subscribing to some pages.  
  • Bot4Bit . This bot offers to earn money, but through cryptocurrencies. Before investing, we recommend that you read all the information that comes in the channel.  


Among the 17 useful Telegram bots that you should know about in 2022 are also the Telegram Bots for groups where you can learn to manage communities.

  • Help for groups. If you need to manage groups, this bot can help you.  
  • Bots SO groups . This bot is quite interesting because it helps you easily manage groups with commands.
  • Combot.  This is another of the bots to organize groups. With it you can moderate the group, protecting against spam and unwanted advertising. It also prevents users from flooding the message group. Plus, you can schedule responses to questions, schedule posts, and much more.
  • GroupButler_bot . This is another one of the best bots to moderate groups. Allows to welcome new users, display group rules.


Those users who are in the academic stage can improve their productivity with these Telegram bots for students.

  • Andy Robot. Do you want to practice English? Well, this Telegram botis perfect for it. You just have to start the conversation and you can practice everything, grammar and also learn with games.
  • AlertBot . If you are clueless with all the academic tasks you have to do, we recommend this bot that notifies you of your pending work so that you do not miss anything.
  • PronunciationBot . This is another interesting bot when it comes to practicing languages ​​because it helps to transcribe texts from any device and converts them into audio, with the possibility of translating it into 84 different languages.
  • PDF Bot. If you need to edit your PDF files, this bot is very practical because it allows you to join, encrypt, rotate, separate, add watermarks and extract text and photos from PDF documents.
17 useful Telegram bots you should know about in 2022 2


We close the 17 useful Telegram bots that you should know about this 2022 with all kinds of Telegram bots.

  • Stickers . This bot is perfect for making your own personalized stickers easily and quickly.
  • ChollakoBot . If you are one of those who buy products online, you cannot miss this bot that what it does is monitor the prices of your favorite products on Amazon Spain, El Corte Inglés and MediaMarkt.
  • PollBot . This bot is useful for creating polls or polls. You can include it in groups to choose, for example, the restaurant to go to dinner or the date of any event you want to organize.
  •  Triviagrambot . This is a bot similar to trivial. It can be played solo, but can also be customized to play with friends.
  • Voicy. This bot is responsible for converting any audio you have received by Telegram message to text.  

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