How to solve? No network and internet on tablet or iPad?

No network * and internet on tablet or iPad? This is how you can help yourself – With tablets, the internet connection is very important, because many functions (and games, for example) can only be used if you also have a stable network connection. Therefore, it is very annoying and restrictive when the internet stops working or the devices cannot find a connection.

Therefore, we want to clarify here how you can help yourself in such a case and what sources of error can occur. The article is specifically about tablets like the iPad or Android * versions. For cell phones and smartphones, we have put together appropriate guides for these problems here: No cell phone network | no mobile internet | Sim is not recognized

No WiFi reception on the tablet or iPad

In home Wi-Fi, tablets generally have a stable and fast internet connection, and there is no volume limit, so this option is very popular. There are usually three causes of problems: technical problems with the Internet connection, technical problems with the router or technical problems with the iPad or tablet. In this case, you can help yourself as follows:

  • Restart the router and tablet and have the connection re-established – often the problems will then already be solved
  • You can test the WLAN with a cell phone or smartphone *. If these devices log in without problems, there is usually more of a problem on the part of the tablet. If other devices do not get a connection either, it is more due to the router or the Internet connection.
  • If you have problems with your tablet, resetting your entire internet connection can help. To do this, you should have the latest firmware version installed.
  • If you have problems with the router, you should look at the settings and look for any errors in the log of the router. There it is then indicated whether there is an error in the cable or the access data is incorrect.
  • Problems can often arise if the router and cell phone use different frequency bands. Here it may be that the router uses the 5 GHz network, which entry-level smartphones in particular do not support. When checking the settings you should definitely pay attention to this point.
  • As a last point, you should also check whether there are any interference signals that ensure that a correct and stable connection cannot be established.

Troubleshooting free hotspots is not that easy. Here you usually have no access to the router and can therefore do very little until the network is restarted on the iPad or tablet.

No mobile network with a tablet or iPad

iPad and tablet are also popular for mobile use and are designed for this in most versions. There is then an eSIM * or a SIM card slot. In principle, you need a suitable data tariff for the tablet . A mobile Internet connection can only be established if this is available.

Before you go on a long troubleshooting, you should check whether the Internet is activated on the devices. This is just a quick look and may take a long time to search:

  • iPhone and iPad:  Settings> General> Mobile network> Mobile data
  • Android *: Settings> Mobile data or on some devices also under Settings> Wireless & networks> Mobile data

If you have problems with the mobile Internet, you should also check whether the Internet tariff also supports it and whether the SIM cards are still active. Especially in the prepaid area, cell phone cards are often switched off if they have not been used for too long.

Then you should check the network, because it depends on whether the devices come on the Internet or not. The network expansion cards show whether the network and LTE are available. On Facebook and Co. you can often also find information on technical problems in a network. Then usually several users are affected and there is the corresponding information and inquiries on social media.

Check APN settings

The APN settings are important for access to the mobile Internet because they authorize the user to access the respective data network. If they are not stored correctly, in most cases there is no mobile internet. Some providers at Eplus (such as Blau) can do completely without APN access data. As a rule, however, this data is the prerequisite for using the mobile Internet.

As a rule, these settings are set correctly when a SIM card is inserted into a new cell phone. If this is not the case, you should take action yourself. The correct APN settings can be set automatically via SMS or manually. The corresponding settings can be found under Settings> General> Mobile network> Mobile data network . There you can check whether the settings match those of the provider or the network operator. If not, you can also correct it at this point.

The settings of the respective provider can be found in the FAQ in most cases or can also be announced via the hotline. We have put together the most important APN access data for the major providers here: The APN settings of the mobile phone providers Telekom, Vodafone and O2

If all of this does not help, the last thing that remains is contact with the customer service department of your own provider. There you can also get details about any faults or problems. Therefore, you should ask there if nothing works anymore.

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