How to find out your own phone number or cell phone number easily?

Find out your own phone number or cell phone number very easily – Today people rely on communication. You always want to be reachable for a certain group of people and to exchange ideas with them. 


If you want to make new contacts

If you want to make new contacts, this is usually also connected with the transfer of the cell phone number. However, sometimes it can be forgotten, but don’t worry, there are several ways to get the number via smartphone * or the network provider. Important: this article is only about your own phone number. In other articles, we have put together how to determine third-party cell phone numbers or make anonymous calls .

The easiest way: You call someone and have your own number announced, because the cell phone number is usually shown on the display to the other party. 

Of course, this is always a bit embarrassing, because of course you have to admit that you forgot your cell phone number. Therefore, there are other ways to determine your own cell phone number without having to bother third parties. In this article we have put together an overview of how you can quickly and easily find out your own number for a cell phone or smartphone *.

Find out your own number via the network provider

The network providers offer the possibility to query their own number. The procedure differs depending on the network. Before you can query the number you have to know which network you are on. For this you can use the free network query. This tells a user with no problem which network he is on. If you are now sure which network you are using, depending on the type of network, there is another way of determining the number.

Telekom * network (D1)

In the Deutsche Telekom * network, you can easily find out the number using the code “* 135 #”. To do this, simply enter the code using the keypad and press “Call”. Then the number appears on the display after a short time.

Vodafone * network (D2)

If you are on the Vodafone * network , use the following method:

  1. Open the keypad
  2. Enter the code + # 62 #
  3. Wait briefly until the number appears on the display

O2 * mobile network

Entering a code is not so reliable with O2 *, but there is another option. To do this, simply call 0800-9377546 and have your own number announced. 

However, the announcement is made with country code 049, so you have to omit the first 3 digits and instead put a 0 in front of it – this is your own number.

The 0800-9377546 also works from other networks, so this announcement cannot only be used from the O2 * mobile phone network .

E-Plus mobile network (meanwhile O2)

With the E-Plus network you have to choose the following approach.

  1. Open the number field
  2. Press the code * 100 # and press “Call”
  3. After a short time, the number should appear on the display

O2 mobile phone network

In the meantime, however, there are no more tariffs in this network, all previous Eplus offers have either been terminated or transferred to the O2 mobile phone network, so that the normal O2 codes can currently be used for this.

We have put together more codes for cell phones and smartphones * here: Samsung Cell Phone Codes |  Huawei Cell Phone Codes | Xiaomi Cell Phone Codes | iPhone cell phone codes

Find out your own number on your smartphone

If you want to bypass the request from the network provider, it is often enough to query the number in the smartphone, as this must be stored somewhere. How to get this number, however, differs depending on the operating system of the smartphone.

Android * smartphones

If you are using an Android * version, the number can be found as follows:

  1. Select “Settings” in the mobile phone menu
  2. Then select the Options tab
  3. Continue to “Device information”
  4. If you now look under “Status”, the phone number is displayed here

iPhones with iOS

With Apple * smartphones , the number can also be queried without any problems. To do this, call up the “Settings” menu item. You can then find your own number under “Telephone”. If you don’t find your way around, you can also search for “My iPhone” in the contact list. The number is also stored there.

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