Huawei no longer goes out – achieve a restart with the soft reset

Huawei * no longer runs out – achieve a restart with the soft reset – From time to time it happens with smartphones * that they hang up. This could be due to a software error, for example. Once the Android * device has hung up, it usually doesn’t respond to anything. So it happens that you can no longer switch it off and on again using the power button. The cell phone is almost no longer usable. Of course, the device does not have to stay in this state forever. If you still have an old cell phone that has a removable battery, you will probably choose this way. By removing the battery, the power is removed and the cell phone switches off. With newer onesHowever , the battery is usually installed in smartphones * and cannot be removed. Another solution has to be found here.

The solution to this problem is called Soft Reset. The soft reset forces the device to restart, so that it usually corrects or can bypass the software problem. The following explains how to force the soft reset. The Huawei * P10 functions as an example of this, but the procedure also works for other models and newer generations.

This is how you force a restart

To free the Huawei * P10 from the problem state, you have to hold down the Power On / Off button for about 10 seconds. So you press it longer than you would normally do to shut down the device. This also avoids the problem that with most devices you still have to choose between “shutdown” and “restart” on the screen *. If you have pressed the button for about 10 seconds, the Huawei P10 * will automatically restart.

The soft reset may work a little differently on other Android * devices. Some devices use a combination of the power button and the volume buttons, for example. How exactly you carry out the soft reset on the corresponding device can be researched on the Internet or you can also read the operating instructions of the device.

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