New Instagram feature: This is how co-watching works

Instagram recently offers the “Co-Watching” feature. You can find out what this function can do and how it works in this practical tip.

Co-watching on Instagram: How to use the feature

With the new “Co-Watching” feature, you can watch the posts you have liked in a video chat with several friends. You no longer have to scroll through the feed alone.

  1. To use the feature, you need the latest version of Instagram . Update Instagram first.
  2. Open Instagram and start a video call with any contact. All you have to do is tap the video icon in chat with this person.
  3. When the call is on, you can tap the ” Media ” icon in the bottom right corner.
  4. You will be shown the last posts you liked . Select a post you want to show in video chat.
  5. The post opens and a thumbnail of all video chat participants is shown below the post.
  6. This means that all participants in the call receive the same contribution and you can view it together and see the reactions of your friends from a distance.
  7. In times of social distancing you can share with your friends so still make calls simultaneously and view pictures and videos .

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