Charge Huawei P20 wirelessly? Information about wireless charging

The Huawei P20 does not support wireless charging. But there is still a good way to charge the Huawei P20 wirelessly. We explain how it works and show in the video what the Huawei P20 can do.

Huawei P20 wireless charging – why it doesn’t work

The Huawei P20 cannot be charged via wireless charging . The smartphone has a glass back and a large battery, but Huawei does not add this. 

  • Huawei put a very strong focus on the battery during development. However, the technology of wireless charging is not yet able to keep up with the fast wired charging of the P20.
  • The P20 has a battery with 3400 mAh capacity, the P20 Pro even with 4000 mAh. Huawei specifies a charging time of 1.5 hours each. If the battery is completely empty, it only takes five minutes to be 48% charged again. 
  • Wireless charging is slower than wired charging anyway. Huawei does not use this technology, above all because of the very fast charging of the P20 with cables, at least for this model.

Wireless Charging Receiver – Charge the P20 wirelessly

Huawei has decided not to integrate wireless charging into the P20. There is still a way to do without the charging cable.

  • Wireless charging receivers offer the possibility to charge the smartphone wirelessly. A small plate is connected to the cell phone via the USB connection. They are already available for less than 10 euros .
  • The Qi-Mat is connected to the smartphone via the USB or Lightning connection and attached to the back of the cell phone. Since these receivers are very thin, they do not interfere with everyday use.
  • This extra is hardly noticeable, especially with a cell phone case. However, this must not be too thick, otherwise it will block charging.
  • The P20 can then be placed on a charging station with a suitable receiver .

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