Infographic: Moto E, the good and bad

moto e motorola infographic

The Motorola Moto E is here officially. It is a cheap mobile phone talking about price with respect to technical characteristics. You will hardly find a cell phone with the specifications that this phone has (and the software it carries), at a price of 129 dollars (119 euros in Spain), with the guarantee of a recognized brand on the back.

But, not everything is good, unfortunately. Just as there are very attractive details, such as the large and good resolution anti-scratch screen, the micro SD slot and the Android version for example, there are also certain things that the Moto E does not have, which can make you think twice before buy.

Below we highlight all those small and important details about the Motorola Moto E. We highlight the good and the bad of the phone: what it has and what it does not have. It is complementary information to the official technical specifications already published by Motorola.

The good

  • Has micro SD slot up to 32GB
  • Has protection against stains and scratches (Corning Gorilla Glass 3)
  • If you have a notification led, the same as the Motorola Moto G
  • If you have a proximity and ambient light sensor
  • Has FM Radio
  • If you have the Wifi Hotspot function
  • It is available in a single-chip and dual-chip (dual SIM) version in Micro SIM format
  • The back cover is changeable. Motorola Shells or official Motorola caps available.
  • You will receive “at least” (according to Motorola) update to Android 4.4.3. It comes with Android 4.4.2 from the factory.
  • The camera records video in HD (720p) at up to 30fps.
  • It is resistant to splashes of water, according to Motorola

The bad

  • It does not have LTE (4G). It only has 2G / 3G connectivity.
  • No Digital TV (Rumors of this were false) (Some versions do have a digital TV antenna)
  • It does not have a high definition or HD screen. “Only” is qHD, 960 x 540 pixel resolution
  • It has no front camera, only rear camera.
  • It has no flash. It will not serve as a flashlight or to take photos in low light.
  • The camera does not have autofocus.
  • The battery is embedded in the phone. If you want to remove it or change it, it is necessary to take it to a technical service.
  • It does not support USB OTG. The Moto G does have it and it serves to expand the memory by means of a pendrive but, since the Moto E has support for micro SD, this function has been ruled out.
  • It does not have Wifi ac. Wifi only 802.11 b / g / na 2.4 GHz

Update : There is a version of the Moto E with a digital TV receiver: the model is the XT1025. The models of the Moto E without digital TV are the XT1021 and XT1022.  Thanks for the clarification Gisel!

And here they are listed as an infographic:

moto e motorola infographic

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The information has been extracted, as cited in the image, from the same technical specifications provided on, the Moto E manual extracted from the Motorola website as well and, in part, from the video of unboxing or unpacking the phone, made by Droid Life.

There are some additional important notes:

About Motorola Shells
Extra interchangeable “Motorola shells” back caps are sold separately. They do not come in the phone box. It is believed that there will be a new version of the mobile, named Moto E Fashion, that would come with 3 Motorola shells included in the box.

Available Internal Memory
The Moto E has 4GB of internal storage, of which approximately only 2GB of them will be available to the user. More memory? Buy a micro SD (not larger than 32GB).

NFC Support Does the
Motorola Moto E have NFC? That is a very good question. In the manual provided by Motorola it is mentioned that it does have NFC support, but in the manufacturer’s specifications there is no reference to this. This is most likely an error in the manual, as NFC is commonly a feature of high-end equipment and the Moto E is obviously a low-end one.

What comes in the box of the Moto E
According to the details of the same manufacturer, comes the phone, USB cable and user guide. In the video of the device unboxing (unboxing) made by DL, what comes in the box is the phone, the charger and the user guide. No headphones or earphones come in both cases.

Where to buy the motorola Moto E
It is now available on, for everyone, for $ 129. It is also available on for the same price. In each country, operators should provide information on their availability.

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