How to transform your sweatcoins into SWEAT cryptocurrencies

How to transform your sweatcoins into SWEAT cryptocurrencies

The time has come to make the most of all the effort and exercise carried out during the last months with our walks or our runs using Sweatcoin , the application that rewards you for moving. From now on you will be able to find out how to transform your sweatcoins into SWEAT cryptocurrencies . This new cryptocurrency starts to be active from September 13, and those who have activated their wallet will be able to transform each sweatcoin earned into SWEAT.

How to configure SWEAT Wallet to save the generated sweatcoins

The important step right now is knowing how to configure the SWEAT Wallet to store the generated sweatcoins . Throughout the summer, Sweatcoin users have been able to activate their crypto wallet by clicking on the icon that represents a wallet in the bottom menu bar (see process in the image).

When will I be able to exchange my sweatcoins for sweat 1

At the end of that process, each user received an email with an activation code that had to be saved until now, when the SWEAT Wallet application is available for download . This app will be used to manage everything related to the SWEAT cryptocurrency and although it is interconnected with Sweatcoin, it will work independently. SWEAT Wallet is free and available for both Android and iOS users .

The configuration of SWEAT Wallet is simple, since when you open the application you will have to log in, either through Sweatcoin or by entering our email and the activation code received. If you have been lost in the immensity of your inbox, you can search for the email by typing its subject in the search box: “Important: SWEAT wallet backupcode”. When accessing with these credentials, a screen will appear with your sweatcoins already converted into SWEAT, and you will have to press ‘Let’s start’ to bring up the main screen (an explanatory tutorial will be shown in the app the first time you enter).

What is Sweat Wallet and how does it work to store your Sweatcoin 3 cryptocurrencies?

How to earn more SWEAT

Waiting to see what the evolution of the SWEAT price will be in its first hours of operation, it is clear that the main objective for the vast majority is how to earn more SWEAT . For the moment, the sweatcoin will maintain parity with SWEAT, although over time it will be more difficult to add. Currently, with 1,000 steps you get a sweatcoin and, therefore, a SWEAT, but there are other tricks that can allow you to add more throughout a day (beyond walking more).

To boost your sweatcoin earnings and convert them into SWEAT you can use the double boost that appears in the Sweatcoin app. This feature makes the steps you take over a 20-minute period earn double sweatcoins. In addition, by activating the trial period of the ‘premium’ service of Sweatcoin you will also see how your sweatcoins are doubled and you can earn more SWEAT.

Regarding the operation of SWEAT Wallet , some functions can already be seen in its application that will be available when the generation of tokens has occurred and SWEAT is fully operational. By clicking on the ‘+’ icon you can exchange your real money for SWEAT, a function that may make sense if you consider that this cryptocurrency will appreciate more in the future.

How to transform your sweatcoins into SWEAT 3 cryptocurrencies

The icon with the ‘%’ symbol hides the ‘Grow’ function, so this function can be one of those that helps us increase SWEAT . Similarly, in the SWEAT Wallet app you can also exchange SWEAT for other cryptocurrencies or exchange it for other assets that, at the time of writing, have not been made public.

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