To get gems in Stumble Guys, you need to recharge. For this reason, we teach you how to recharge in Stumble Guys and thus add gems, or tokens, to your wallet.

In Stumble Guys you can get skins or get the season pass, but for this you need gems. You can get gems by playing or buying from the in-game store. If you are looking for the second option, we will teach you how to reload in Stumble Guys . So you can buy gems, or tokens, with real money to get the Stumble Pass or customize your character .

Before showing you how to recharge in Stumble Guys, we must have money in our Google Play or App Store account . We can deposit money in them in different ways. In the Play Store, we must select “Payments and subscriptions” and then “Payment methods” from our profile picture, in the upper right corner. On the other hand, in the App Store we will go to “Add money to the account” to select the amount that we want to enter or configure the automatic recharge.

However, many players do not have credit cards, or Pay Pal, to deposit money in their app portal. If this is our case, we can use a prepaid card to deposit money without having a bank account . To do this you must buy a Google Play card or an Apple Gift Card in a physical store and select “Redeem code” within the application, either in Google Play or App Store. Enter the card code to deposit the funds.


Now that we have money available, we can now show you how to buy gems in Stumble Guys . In the main menu we see the “Store” section, in the upper left corner, with the symbol of a window with an awning. There are 3 different submenus there: “Aspects”, “Offers” and “Gems”. In the latter we can buy gems, and through these, access special roulettes or acquire the Stumble Pass.


In «Gems» we have several offers. Gems, and tokens, are displayed along with their price below. There are currently several options, from 250 gems for €1.99 to 5,000 gems (+275 tokens) for €19.99. If we click on an offer, the confirmation window and our balance in Google Play or App Store will appear . When we have money available, we just have to click on “Continue”. If we do not have money available, we will top up money as shown above.


How to have the free pass in Stumble Guys? Exchanging it for 1200 gems, which we can buy or earn by playing. If we play roulette daily and win games, it is possible to get the Stumble Pass . On the other hand, on the Internet, but outside of Google Play or the App Store, we find altered versions of Stumble Guys with everything unlocked. These are downloaded through APKs, executable files that contain the application. To find them, we will search portals such as apkpure or apkcombo , but it is important to ensure that the file does not contain viruses.

The Stumble Pass is the season pass for the game. It gives us a greater number of gems and the possibility of winning better skins , although the most important variation is that it unlocks useful gestures, such as grabbing or hitting rivals. This is renewed every season, so the important thing is to buy the Stumble Pass when you can monetize it, not at the end of the season.

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