The Champions League group stage is about to start. Don’t get lost and find out how to start playing in Champions League Fantasy right now.
How to start playing in Champions Fantasy
Champions League Fantasy Football. Image source: UEFA

Whoever does not have a LaLiga or Premier League Fantasy team at this point is already late, with several games played it may not make sense to create a team from scratch. For all of them, there is still a bullet in the chamber: how to start playing in Champions Fantasy . With the top club competition about to start next week, it’s time to get the teams ready and sign the best players in Europe to show the coaching skills that we all have inside.


There are some important news for this season, so the first thing you should do in Fantasy Football for this Champions League is to download UEFA’s unified application for all its games: UEFA Gaming. The app is free and available for both Android and iOS. Of course, in order to play UEFA games such as Fantasy or Quiniela, you must be registered on the UEFA website, which also gives you access to see the contents of its video platform ,

The process to access Fantasy Football is simple . You just have to enter the UEFA Gaming application and a large button will quickly appear that will guide us to the game. Click on ‘Create your team’ and then on ‘Sign in to play’. If you do not want to create a unique user for this platform, you can link your Facebook, Google or Apple accounts, although it is recommended to create it only for UEFA.

How to start playing in Champions 1 Fantasy


Once we have registered, the million dollar question arrives: how do the signings work in the Fantasy of the Champions . The first thing we find is a playing field with 15 shirts that we will have to give them ownership. The game will give us a balance of 100 million euros that we can spend on those 15 players, and its price will vary depending on the quality of the players and the teams they play for.

To sign, we can individually click on the ‘+’ symbol that we will find on each shirt or click on ‘Search players’. When we see the list, we can search for them using filters such as their position on the field, their team or their price . To sign a player, click on his name and he will be added to our team.

If you repeatedly click on a Fantasy player and cannot add it , it is because you do not have enough money, you already have all the necessary players in that line (goalkeeper, defender, etc.) or because you have added too many players from the same team. Once our team is complete with 15 players, click on ‘Confirm team’ to finish the process.

How to start playing in Champions 2 Fantasy

There are still some steps to finish configuring the team in the Champions Fantasy . After confirming the team, we will have to choose who will be the 11 starters (those whose points will be counted at the end of each day). We will also have to choose the captain, that player who will double the points he achieves on the day and, finally, give the team an attractive name .

How to start playing in Champions 3 Fantasy


The biggest mystery of this kind of virtual soccer leagues is how to win in Fantasy Football . In the case of the Champions League, the key factor is not to get lost, since it is much more common to neglect the team than in the LaLiga or Premier League Fantasy games, as they have fewer and more spaced games.

Although it is very tempting to sign big stars like Benzema, Haaland or Lewandowski, you have to keep salary balance in mind… and the configuration of the groups . Take a look at the draw for the group stage, as some teams will have easier opponents than others, however stellar they may be. The lower level there is in a group, the more chances there are for the big teams in those quartets to achieve spectacular results. With those keys, and many hours of watching football and summaries, you can get good points in Champions League Fantasy Football .

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