How to seyrel delete all data from your Android

If you want to sell or pass on your smartphone or tablet to another person, you should make sure that all data has been deleted from the device. In some cases it is not enough to simply reset your Android to the factory settings. Third-party software usually helps in this case.

Delete Android safely – you have this option

If you want to share your Android smartphone with another person, it is important to make sure that all personal data has been deleted from the device. This is only possible if you also remove the remaining files after resetting to the factory settings.

  1. First make a backup of your data on the device.
  2. Then go to “Settings” and then to “Users”> “Accounts”. Log out of all apps and services there.
  3. Now select the “Remove account” option from the settings menu at the top right.
  4. Now reset your smartphone to factory settings .
  5. Finally, you need a suitable deletion tool such as iShredder. You can get this from the Google Play Store. With the tools it is possible to also remove the last hidden files on the device.
  6. After starting the application, you can also choose which data you want to delete and the corresponding “deletion method”. Now click on “Summary & Delete”.
  7. Uninstall the app and repeat steps 1 to 4 again. This way you can be sure that there are no account links or data on the device.

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