What do you need to know about Android recovery mode?

Android, like Apple’s iOS, is one of the two major operating systems that have prevailed on the smartphone market. However, an error can occur with Android, which leads to the cell phone no longer starting. In this case there is the recovery mode.

Android Recovery – how to use the helpful mode

When Android Recovery Mode is an operating system that only provides the most basic functions. The individual options are displayed without a user interface and only with text. The functionality is not particularly great either. Only recovery, maintenance and installation functions are available.

  1. You can reset the smartphone. “Wipe data / factory reset” are the options that do this. Attention, this really deletes all data and cannot be restored.
  2. Use “Wipe cache partition” to clear the cache memory. This option is useful if the phone no longer starts properly.
  3. With “apply update from adb” you can import an update via the Android Debug Bridge.
  4. “Apply update from external storage” helps you to install Android from an SD card or the memory inside the phone.
  5. With “reboot system now” you can restart the entire cell phone and exit recovery mode.
  6. With “apply update from cache” you can install Android directly from the cache memory of the smartphone

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