How to set up parental controls on the Android Q smartphone

Android Q also offers you various ways to make a tablet or smartphone childproof. In addition to restrictions in the Play Store, you can also create a special children’s profile with limited access.

Android Q: parental controls – how it works

Let your children use your cell phone or if they have their own smartphone with Android Q , you can make various settings to make the device child-proof. For example, the Play Store gives you the option of activating parental controls to prevent your children from having access to adult apps, games or videos.

  1. To use this function, please open the Play Store and tap the three bars on the left to open the menu.
  2. Navigate in the menu to “Settings”> “User control”> “Parental control settings” and tap on the “Switch icon” to activate parental control settings.
  3. Now define a PIN to switch the function on and off and confirm with “OK” before selecting the exact content restrictions.

Android Q: How to make a tablet childproof

If you want to make a tablet child-proof , you have the option of setting up a special user profile with restricted functions in addition to the method described above. To do this, open the Settings app of the Android Q device and tap on the “User” option under “Device”. Then navigate to “Add User or Profile”> “Restricted Profiles” to create a new user account and determine which apps on the device your children can access.

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