Android Q: Show WiFi password – how it works

For security reasons, the WiFi password is not displayed in plain text on your Android Q device. To view it directly on the device, you have to root your smartphone beforehand. Read here how this works and what alternative method there is.

Android Q: Show WiFi password - how it works

WiFi password under Android Q: Display only possible with root access

If you type in the WiFi password for the first time on your Android-Q smartphone, you can have it displayed by activating the “Show password” field. However, if you have already set up the WiFi connection, there is no direct way to see the password. If you still want to see your password, this is only possible with root access.

  1. To root your Android-Q smartphone, you need additional software such as “KingRoot” or “CF-Auto-Root”. Use is free.
  2. First download the APK file of the respective app to your smartphone and open it after successful installation.
  3. Use KingRoot, then navigate in the app to “Try it”> “Get now” to start the process and root your smartphone.

Android Q: Alternative methods for displaying the WiFi password

If you do not want to run the risk of damaging the device through the root process and do not want to lose the guarantee, there is another method for reading out the WLAN password. To use this, please open the user interface of your WLAN router in the browser and navigate to “WLAN” or “Security” to view the password of your WLAN network

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