How to print from your Android device

If you have received an email with a document in the attachment and have opened it on your smartphone, you can print the file directly from your Android device. The only thing you need is a network-enabled printer that you can reach from your mobile device.

Print with Android devices – so go ahead

In order to be able to print from your Android , you usually do not need an extra app. Most apps that allow you to open different documents usually offer a feature that allows you to print documents over the network. In general, each printer manufacturer also offers its own app that you can use to print files.

  1. Open the document in any app and click the menu. This is usually identified by three small dots.
  2. Tap on the “Share …” option and then select “Print”.
  3. If the “Print” menu item is not displayed, you can also select the corresponding printer app. The document is then opened in this and can be printed.
  4. In the printer app you also have the option of specifying additional settings such as color or size. The options available to you mostly depend on the version of your printer.

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