How to find your own number on Android

Your own cell phone number is usually very long and therefore not easy to remember. If someone asks you for your number, you can easily look it up. On Android you have several ways to find out your mobile number.

Find out your own cell phone number on Android

You can find out your phone number, for example, using the Android settings.

  1. Open the settings. You can reach this via the corresponding app.
  2. Below in the list you will find the item “About the phone / device information”.
  3. Go to Status and then to “My phone number”, the item may also be called “Status of the SIM card”.
  4. You can also determine your own cell phone number using the corresponding MMI code.
  5. Open the phone app and enter the number * 135 # if you are a Telekom customer. Otherwise the code is * # 62 #.
  6. After sending by pressing the green call button, your phone number will appear on the display a short time later.
  7. As an O2 customer you can also call 0800-9377546 free of charge to get your number displayed.

You can also determine your provider using your mobile phone number.

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