Android Pie: Innovations – information at a glance

The Pie operating system update brings a number of innovations to your smartphone that you can use to make everyday work more pleasant. So that you can fully exploit the potential of the free Android update, we will inform you about all the gadgets that you can expect.

Android Pie can

The key factors of the new operating system are improved performance and increased security. You can also look forward to some gadgets.

  • The update gives you 500 MB of additional storage space that you can fill with pictures and other apps.
  • An update was carried out for the YouTube Go, Maps Go and Android Messages apps, which nevertheless allows extensive performance with less or poor data connection.
  • Wi-Fi Direct technology is very helpful when you want to print documents on the go. Once you are connected to a WiFi network, you can send all documents to your printer and have them printed.
  • If you like to use Bluetooth speakers or headphones, you can now rest assured that your smartphone will remember your preferred settings.
  • The magnifying glass function makes it easier for you to mark texts via copy & paste and paste them into other documents.

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