Do you want to train with automated players instead of experts? Find out how to play Stumble Guys with bots and get better at the game.
How to play Stumble Guys with bots

Riding the wave of the successful Stumble Guys , the alternative to Fall Guys that is succeeding on mobile, can be overwhelming at first. More than one player would like to know how to play Stumble Guys with bots to get used to the dynamics of the game and its controls, but instead they find a much harsher and more hostile reality when they start playing.

The simplicity of Stumble Guys can play against us, since in random games we are usually paired with much more exotic rivals . The ease when facing the different levels of the game is key, something that of course nobody has at first, but there is a way to start practicing in a much more bearable way.


Those interested in discovering how to play training in Stumble Guys will find that as much as they search the application there is no way to do it in principle. However, there is a trick that will allow us to start training and polishing our technique to gradually improve in this battle royale in which it is about surviving and staying above the 32 rivals we face.

To be able to play in training mode, we will first have to have an alternative account in Stumble Guys , that is, log in from a second device to create a second player of our own. This can be done through mobile or PC, from where you can also play Stumble Guys through an emulator.

Once we have the multi-account, we only have to create a private game with friends , but in this case we will not invite anyone but ourselves . To do this, click on ‘Group’ and then on ‘Create group’, following the same steps as if we were organizing a game to face our acquaintances. We copy the code and paste it from the second device in which we have the alternative account.

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Once we have our two players in the waiting room, we click on ‘Play’ and there we can start our training . How is this possible? We explain it in the next point.

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To be able to train it is preferable to do it with automated rivals, and if we want to know how to practice with bots in Stumble Guys instead of with real people who may have many hours of flight, we have to follow the previous steps to be able to create a private game in which It’s just us and our alternate player from a secondary account of our own.

Here comes the surprising thing, and that is that Stumble Guys, when one of these situations occurs, does not match us with 30 other human rivals. With this configuration, we will see that at the start of the game there are a large number of players who have ‘Stumble Guys’ in their name and a number, this means that they are bots . There will also be some players who are real and who have dropped in that game randomly, but they are a minority, and it is about improving our technique, not winning, so the potential number of high-level opponents it is bearable.

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An important fact when creating these training games in Stumble Guys is that the version of the game must be the same on the two devices you use , both the one you add the first player to and the one you add the second from. If you create the game in version 0.39 of the game, if you have 0.40 on your mobile you will not be able to join even if you enter the code, receiving an error message constantly. To use an older version on mobile, you can use a repository like Uptodown or APKPure to download older APKs.

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