Pokemon Showdown is in English, but much of its community speaks Spanish. We answer how to put Pokemon Showdown.

Pokemon Showdown allows us to fight against other players for free. Its accessibility has made it one of the favorite websites for lovers of the saga. A large part of the community has Spanish as their mother tongue and they wonder how to put Pokemon Showdown in Spanish . Is it possible to play Pokemon Showdon in Spanish?

Currently it is impossible to play Pokemon Showdown in Spanish . The game was not developed by Nintendo nor is it supported by The Pokemon Company. It is a website created by fans of the saga that have not yet implemented the option to play in Spanish . Perhaps this is due to the fact that the most important official tournaments are played in English, the language that Pokemon Showdown uses, so a large part of users are used to enjoying it in that language.

Previously there was a server called Pokemon Pandora that allowed to play in Spanish , but it was eliminated years ago. Spanish servers are occasionally created, but they don’t usually last very long. However, the game’s vocabulary is basic, sticking to simple words and individual actions. Mastering it is just a matter of remembering every move, so even someone who doesn’t know English will be able to memorize its vocabulary and apply it to battles.


To download Pokemon Showdown APK in Spanish and for free we must not access the Play Store or App Store. Remember that the game is not official, since it does not have a Nintendo license, so it is not integrated into official portals. We can also download your application via APK , by clicking on this link . Your mobile will ask you for permission to install third-party applications, but the process is simple. We recommend that you only follow that safe link, since it is the latest version, 2.3.


Anyway, Pokemon APK is playable in practically any internet browser . You just have to access the game page and play from there. The combat simulator has a wide range of battle modes, from random battles with Pokémon from specific generations to battles with the rules of official competitions. To do this, we choose the format in “Format”, press “Battle” and enter a username to identify ourselves. Thanks to Pokemon Showdown we don’t need to buy the official games to battle against other players from anywhere in the world.

Although it is impossible to know how to put Pokemon Showdown in Spanish, the game mechanics are identical to those of the official games. Of course, in Showdown we will not travel routes or explore cities, since we limit ourselves to combat. If you’ve played any mainline game, from GameBoy to Switch, you’ll instantly adapt. As in them, you have 4 movements and you must choose one per turn , the same as your rival, until one of the two defeats the other.

Finally, Pokemon Showdown has other sections , such as Pokedex , where information about movements or elemental types is collected. In turn, a forum is also available where users discuss aspects of the game. To know who has participated in the development of the game, we can see their names/aliases within Credits. The title was released in 2011 and has more than 10,000 online users, many of whom just watch battles. Like Pokemon Go , it allows us to interact with other pokemaniacs.


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