How to listen to music from the cell phone on PC wirelessly by WiFi


There are several ways to listen to music from the cell phone on the PC . The most prominent is through WiFi technology (wirelessly), and here we show you the easiest way to do this.

The window for transmitting music via WiFi as indicated below is that it does not require cables. And you can control the playback wirelessly from the cell phone or from the same PC where you are listening.

How to play music from cell phone on PC


The easiest way I have found to listen to music from mobile phones on the computer is through the Weezzler application. In a couple of steps you will have it configured and you can control the playback wirelessly from the cell phone. And since the connection is made via WiFi, streaming is smooth and seamless.

How to use Weezzler


The only requirement is that both devices (cell phone and PC) are connected to the same WiFi network).

To configure the tool, proceed as follows:

  1. Install Weezzler on your Android and open the application.
  2. Note the character string that appears in the application.
  3. On the PC, open the web browser, go to the website and enter the characters pointed out in the previous step there.
  4. If the connection is successful, you can now listen to the music of the cell phone on the PC. You can control the playback both from the Weezzler mobile app, as well as on the Weezler website.

As it is a browser based tool, it can work without problems on Windows, Linux or Mac.

The player has all the necessary basic functions. Although the utility reads all multimedia content automatically and you cannot filter audios or directories (the app also ignores hidden files), if you have the queue option, to add only what you want to hear there.

The disadvantage is that you can only listen to the music stored in the memory of the cell phone. You will not be able to listen to exclusive music from other apps, such as your Spotify music. In this case you will need to transmit the audio in another way.

Stream Android audio to PC via cable

Perhaps it is the most practical way to play music from mobile phones on PC. And you can hear anything from the cell phone on the computer.

You only need an audio cable that you can buy at any electronic store. The cable must have a 3.5mm plug on both sides. The one end must be inserted into the headphone hole of the cell phone and the other end into the audio input of the PC (Line IN or AUX IN). If your computer does not have this input, you will have to buy and install an audio card with this feature.

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