How to get free products on Amazon


The good or bad thing about online commerce, depending on how you look at it, is that we always end up giving ourselves some whim that we don’t need. But, what if these whims were totally free? If you’ve ever wondered how to get free products on Amazon , the reality is that there are a few ways. You will not get everything you want, but you will get some things that may be interesting.

If you like to read, we recommend you take a look at Amazon’s e-book section. There you can find a lot of free books in Kindle format . Almost all the classics of Spanish literature are at a price of 0 euros, and you can also find some other title for which you will not have to pay.

At Amazon Music you can also find a wide catalog of free and downloadable music . They may not be the songs of the moment, but surely you will find one that is to your liking.

And another thing that you can find on Amazon for free are applications . The e-commerce giant has an app store that doesn’t have as much variety as the Play Store, but where you can find all kinds of tools and games. And although some are paid, most are completely free and you can download it without paying anything.


How to use Amazon reviews to get free products

If you want more “physical” products, you’ve probably wondered how to use Amazon reviews to get free products . And for this the safest way is to join the Amazon Vine program.

Amazon Vine is a program that selects some users to write reviews of some products.

These users receive the products completely free of charge , with the aim of subsequently writing reviews about them so that other buyers can have honest opinions.

You want to collaborate with the Vine program , they do not charge , but they do receive products for free.

The problem is that Amazon Vine can only be accessed by invitation . Therefore, you will not be able to join this program whenever you want.

Amazon itself is the one that chooses the participants of the program among the people who usually write reviews .

So the only thing you can do to increase your chances of becoming a part of the Amazon Vine program and start receiving free items at home to try is to write thoughtful, well-informed reviews of every product you buy. This does not guarantee that you will be part of the program, but it does increase the chances that you will receive an invitation.


How to get codes to have free products on Amazon

Amazon does not usually offer codes to have free products . But there is the possibility of getting discount coupons, so that in the long run you can buy another product for the same price.

For starters, Amazon has its own coupon section where you can find discounts on a wide variety of products. You will only have to choose the one that interests you, press the cut coupon and then add the product to the basket. The discount will be made to you automatically, and will allow you to buy more for the same money.

The newspaper El País also has a section where it often offers discount codes for Amazon, which will mean that from time to time you can buy something for free.

In general, there are many pages that promise you discount codes , but we recommend you avoid those where you are asked to register or enter too much personal information.

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