How to install Samsung TV Plus on my TV for free?

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Smart TVs allow us many innovative options, among them, you can install WhatsApp on a Smart TV. One of these devices are those of the Samsung brand, with which you have the option to connect to the internet for free

So if you want to know how to install the Samsung TV Plus app on your TV, continue reading this article. Well, you will find easy ways, with simple steps, so that you can enjoy its content from the comfort of your home or wherever you are.


Reasons why my Samsung TV Plus does not appear on my Samsung Smart TV

It is important to mention that the main problem that this application can present is that it is not yet accessible in all countries. Although the creators of the Samsung company are currently working to solve this problem, its worldwide access has not been possible.

Requires the latest update

This innovative application is free, but you must have equipment with Smart TV technology and Samsung brand. This is because said application is already installed and configured in these new and innovative technological models.

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For this reason , you will not be able to remove it from your TV , nor will you be able to watch it on any other television. Despite this, you can still enjoy the experience by downloading applications on your Smart TV.

It is not compatible with that model of Samsung Smart TV

It is important to mention that this type of service is only compatible with smart TVs created by the Samsung company. Given this, if you are trying to open this application with some other television, you will not be able to see the services of the same. Well, for this, you must buy or acquire one of these devices that has this App installed and configured.

In this way, a good internet service  is essential , since it will require it for a good transmission. Well, the recommended function, which you can locate in the options menu, gives you new channels, series and movies that are updated daily.

google assistant on a smart tv

On the other hand, there are versions available on Galaxy S9 mobile devices up to the latest current version of this type of Smartphone. With these devices you can install and tune the channels you want and control them through the Google Assistant speaker.

Where can I find Samsung TV Plus to download on my TV?

It is essential to have internet or Wi-Fi services to be able to access all that this digital platform offers. From the Wi-Fi networks located in the settings and configuration section of the Samsung device, you can connect to the internet by adding its data.

Samsung TV Plus differs from other streaming services because it allows its users to immediately access the platform. So you can enjoy their television services without needing any personal account or bank details. By having an access guide you can manage your TV and configure it to your preference.

That is why you will not be able to install it on any TV, because it is an internal programming of Smart TV equipment offered by Samsung. So, when you get one of them you can access the App and just press a button to enjoy their channels. On the other hand, if you can’t find Samsung TV Plus at all, you can visit Samsung Support page to find more details of this issue.

How to access Samsung TV Plus on my TV?

This innovative App allows you to enter quickly with the press of a button on your remote control or mobile device. Therefore, it is not necessary to create user accounts or enter bank details to pay for services, you only need to turn on your TV. To do this you can do it on the button called Smart Hub, which you will find in the center depending on the type of remote control you use.

person watching samsung tv plus

It is common to find models of Samsung TV equipment that are designated a color for these buttons and without missing said description. By pressing it you will go to the channels or series that are available and you will also find a list of recommended ones. So, to know more and in detail how to access your Samsung Tv Plus, follow these steps:

  • You must turn on your brand television and connect it to internet services by cable or via Wifi.
  • Then go with the buttons on your remote control to the Samsung TV Plus option. Which is located in the bottom bar of the TV screen next to your other applications.
  • Finally, click on the Samsung TV Plus option and you will see a long list of channels, movies or series. Proceed to find the one you prefer and save them in favorites or in quick access if you wish. This way you won’t have to waste time looking for them in the options menu.

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