How to increase the font size of your Android


Today we are going to see how to change the size of the fonts or letters of our Android device. If you have vision problems or you like the letter of the menus to be larger due to the small size of the screen, today you will know how to do it.

To perform this simple operation you have to enter the settings menu, look for the screen option and then click on font size . Within the ” Font size ” menu you have four options to choose from: small, normal, large or huge. Choose the one you like the most depending on your preferences. I usually use the normal font size. 


In the  screenshots  below this text we see the difference between the ” normal font ” size on the left side and the ” huge font ” size on the right side.


Apart from changing the font size you can also change the keyboard size with applications like Big Buttons or change the font type with Fontomizer.

Important: If you have an Android 2.3 version, it will not give you this option to change the size of the letters, but there is an application called  Spare Parts Plus!  that if it allows you to change it.

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