So you can activate the Coin Master game in ghost mode and enjoy going unnoticed
How to activate ghost mode in Coin Master 1

One of the most entertaining mobile games is Coin Master. Getting coins and accumulating resources is one of the objectives of the game. If you feel like playing, but want to do it completely unnoticed, check out how to activate the ghost mode in Coin Master.

Coin Master has become one of the most downloaded free iOS and Android games by users. The main objective is to build villages while attacking your friends to get their resources. But you must also defend yourself from being attacked and robbed.

The main element of the game to win coins is the slot machine. As you spend more time in the game and progress, you earn more spins to play on this slot. If you land all three of the same symbols, like in the old slot machine, you will win rewards such as coins, shields, chances to attack and raid other people’s villages, and even items from in-game events.

At a certain moment you may not want to play connected to avoid being attacked by your friends or because you want to play a game unnoticed. That’s what ghost mode is for. If you want to know how to activate the ghost mode in Coin Master, we explain it below.

To know how to activate the ghost mode in Coin Master, follow all the steps that we explain:

  • Open the Facebook app on your mobile
  • Then go to “Settings and privacy” and then enter “Settings”.
  • In the “Security” section , go to “Apps and websites”
  • Then click on “logged in with Facebook” and then a list will appear where you have to click on “Coin Master”.
  • Once inside the game section, scroll down to the bottom and tap on “delete” . Get off Facebook.
  • Now open the Coin Master game and click on “Play as guest” . Go to the rankings section and you will see that none of your friends appear anymore. If they appear, close the game again and open it again and enter again as a guest.
How to activate ghost mode in Coin Master 2


In the previous section we have told you how to activate the ghost mode in Coin Master, now we are going to see how to eliminate a ghost in Coin Master.

Open the Coin Master game and then click on the icon with the three lines. Next, click on “Invite friends” and copy the link. Then tell the ghost to add you with that link. Restart the game and go to the friends list and click on “remove”. If this doesn’t work for you, you’ll need to first remove the ghost from your Facebook contact list.


If you have followed all the steps that we have explained to you to know how to activate the ghost mode in Coin Master, but you cannot execute it, you may wonder why the ghost mode does not work in Coin Master? We give you some causes of what may be happening below.

  • You have no connection. One of the main reasons why ghost mode may not work on your device is because you have lost internet connection. Check that the Wi-Fi network has not dropped or that you have sufficient coverage.
  • You have activated airplane mode . If by mistake or for any other reason you have activated the airplane mode on your mobile, the ghost mode in Coin Master will not work because to run the game you need to be connected to the internet.
  • Your device is not working properly . Your phone or the Coin Master app may have crashed and can’t connect to the game. Restart the app and also try restarting the phone in order to activate the ghost mode in Coin Master.

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