If you are looking for a place to find very cheap clothes of all sizes, you need to learn how to buy at Shein from Spain.

Do you prefer to invest in very cheap clothes that you can constantly renew before in high quality garments that last a long time but with high prices? Do you have a large size that you have trouble finding clothes in many stores? Then you need to learn how to buy on Shein from Spain . And it is that the Chinese shopping portal is what you need if you find yourself in one of these two situations.

The first thing you should do is download the Shein app . You can also buy from the website, but the store is optimized for mobile phones and you will probably find it more comfortable to do it from the application. Simply by having the application installed, you can start exploring the store’s vast catalog and put all the clothes you’ve decided to purchase in your cart.

At the moment of proceeding with the purchase, you will have to create an account . To do this you will have to enter your email and your personal data so that the shipment can be made correctly. Finally, choose a payment method and complete the purchase process. Your clothes will already be ordered and the only thing you will have left will be to wait patiently for the clothes or accessories you have bought to arrive at your home.



What most worries many users and makes them hesitate to buy in this online store is how long orders from Shein to Spain take .

The normal thing is that an order from Shein takes two or three weeks to arrive . This, therefore, is the main disadvantage of this store compared to others like Amazon, where you can have the order delivered to your home the next day. We do have to take into account that on many occasions orders take a little less time, so that we have them at our disposal in approximately 10 days. On the other hand, if we have ordered from the Canary Islands, it may take longer, taking up to 25 days for an order to arrive.

As for shipping costs, they are free as long as we make an order greater than 29 euros . Therefore, if you want to buy a cheaper garment (something quite common because the prices in the store are very cheap) you will have no choice but to pay, unless you prefer to wait to buy several garments at the same time, so These expenses are free. In the event that you have decided to pay for the arrival of your order, you have several options at your disposal, and each of them has a different price. Economic shipping takes much longer, while if we opt for express shipping it will take longer but will be more expensive.



If you’ve seen the news in recent weeks about endless queues in Madrid, you may have wondered how to shop at Shein’s physical store in Spain . But the reality is that the popular Chinese store does not have physical stores in our country. What was in Madrid a few weeks ago was something like a showroom, a temporary store that was only open for a few days. But unless they repeat the initiative at some point, in principle, it is not possible to buy Shein clothes in a physical store.

But if you are one of those people who have reservations when buying clothes in an online store, it will reassure you to know that Shein works quite well and offers you many guarantees . In the event that when you receive your order you see that it does not fit you well or that it is not as beautiful as it seemed in the photo, you can return it without problems, and exchange it for another size or simply receive a refund.

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