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Someone has liked us more than usual and now the question is how to know who gave you a Super Like on Tinder 2022? Discover the available options
How to find out who Super Liked you on Tinder 2022

We want to know everything and we want to know it now. There is nothing more interesting than seeing that someone liked your profile… Well, more than liked, they loved it and gave us a Super Like, so we want to find out how to know who gave you a Super Like on Tinder 2022 . The application is a specialist in leaving us with honey on our lips, so it offers us a blurred silhouette as the only clue for us to start browsing the profiles.

To discover who is hiding behind that silhouette on Tinder , we will have to discover it by swiping left and right on the Tinder profiles. If we have great visual acuity we will be able to identify that person who gave us the Super Like, but the idea is to encourage us to look for them.

If we don’t have patience and we want to know immediately, we can hire one of the two subscriptions that Tinder offers us with the option of revealing the identity of the author of the Super Like. With both Tinder Gold and Tinder Premium we will not only discover who has given us Super Likes, but we will also see who has given us normal likes .

How to know who gave you Super Like on Tinder 2022 1

The Tinder Gold subscription service costs 25.99 euros per month, although the application usually offers recurring promotions to attract new subscribers, and the price can be reduced to 12.49 euros per month. For its part, the Tinder Premium service, which includes many more functions, offers three types of subscriptions ranging from 10.41 euros per month to 30.99 euros per month.

In the past, it was possible to reveal the identity of users who had given us a Like or Super Like on Tinder by modifying the HTML code of the page through a browser. This trick stopped working in recent months , since it invited users not to consider a Gold or Premium subscription, as was already warned.


Interested in how to get Super Likes on Tinder ? These are the two ways to let that contact who left you stunned in the app know that you like it more than expected. When viewing a profile, if we click on the blue star that we find in the center of the screen, the range of options to acquire Super Likes will open.

How to know who gave you a Super Like on Tinder 2022 2

In general, there are three different packs , one of three that costs 3.33 euros per unit; another of 15, which lowers them to 2.73 euros each and a third of 30, which will mean 2.16 euros per Super Like. The reality is that they are quite an expensive function for the effect that it really has within the application , since giving a Super Like does not guarantee that the other person will not discard us.


There are also those who wonder , are there no free Super Likes on Tinder anymore? There are, but to find the way to obtain them you have to dive through the application. If we go into our profile and click on ‘Settings’, we will find the usual buttons to subscribe or pay for some of Tinder’s features, but just below it we find a section called ‘Get rewards’.

How to know who gave you a Super Like on Tinder 2022 3

Upon entering it, we will see that Tinder can reward us with 25 free Super Likes if we manage to convince a friend to open an account on Tinder using the link they provide us. The moment that friend starts swiping left and right, both you and he or she will receive those 25 Super Likes for free. Previously, Tinder offered limited free Super Likes to its users, but that trend disappeared and now they can only be obtained for free through this route . You can also get several per month if we subscribe to one of their plans, be it Gold or Premium.

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