How to delete your Android smartphone data

As soon as you buy a new smartphone, it makes sense to sell or give away the old one. Under certain circumstances, your data can still be read out after cleaning up the smartphone. To prevent this from happening, there is the option of securely deleting the data from your phone.

Delete Android data safely – how it works

If you reset your Android smartphone to factory settings, your data will only be deleted to a limited extent. In general, the basic path in the file system of the cell phone is set to 0 or NULL. However, some of the data on the Internet storage is still available. It is just no longer referenced. To remove the data, you should use an external program.

  1. First make a backup of your data . So you still have them available later.
  2. Now log off all accounts of the device. To do this, go to “Settings”> “User”> “Accounts”. In the overview, select each account individually and then tap on “Remove account” via the three small dots.
  3. Reset the phone to factory settings .
  4. Now use the free program OW Shredder to delete all data correctly. Connect the cell phone to the PC and start the shredder.
  5. Select the memory of the smartphone and clean it up. Then reset the phone to factory settings again.

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