How is an Android smartphone remote controlled with the PC?

Android is one of the two major operating systems for mobile devices. You can also access Android remotely. This is particularly useful if you are currently sitting on the PC and do not want to get up to take the cell phone out of the next room, but still want to access its pictures.

Control Android with PC remotely – this is how you do it

The easiest way to control an Android device is with TeamViewer . TeamViewer is software that has been able to control a PC remotely with another PC for years. This function has been expanded in the sense that you can now also control your smartphone from your PC.

  1. Download the TeamViewer Module QuickStart from the Google Play Store and wait for the app to be fully installed.
  2. You also need the desktop version of TeamViewer on your PC. You can find these on the official TeamViewer website .
  3. After starting QuickStart, it shows you a nine-digit sequence of digits, which you have to enter on your PC under “Partner ID”. Then click on “Connect with partner”.
  4. If you use TeamViewer Host, the connection is made via your TeamViewer user account. So all you have to do is log in with your account on both devices so that you can access one from the other.

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