How do you edit the Android autostart function?

When you boot up your Android smartphone, there are a few apps that start on their own. This process costs a lot of resources and may not be what you want. However, other apps that are more useful do not have autostart authorization. Editing the autostart function is possible in some cases.

Android: edit autostart – let apps start alone

You have the option to remove various apps from the autostart on Android .

  1. Download the Autorun Manager and start the app.
  2. In basic mode, all apps are now displayed neatly in a list. Tap the corresponding apps so that they are no longer taken into account in the autostart. If an app is marked as “Self-restart”, you should not remove it from the autostart, as it will always restart itself.
  3. If you want to activate the autostart function for an app, first check the app settings to see if there is a corresponding option.
  4. If the app does not have the option, there is no way to force it to start. Please note: Apps that made it possible for you to add other apps to the autostart function have been removed from the Google Play Store.

If you want an app to no longer appear on your smartphone because it was preinstalled and only eats up storage space, you can easily delete it .

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