How to create a folder on Android Q?

There are numerous apps for the latest Android version that you can download and install from the App Store. Alternatively, it is possible to use external APK on your system. You can create folders to keep track of all applications

Android Q: Create folder – Instructions

You can download and install numerous applications from the Google Play Store . These can be useful gadgets for everyday life or various games. Since there are many different apps, you can quickly lose track if you see too many on the screen. With Android Q it is therefore possible to create and name folders. This will help you sort your apps better.

  1. If you want to create a folder, this is not possible via a specific function in the settings. Instead, tap and hold an app.
  2. You can then move the applications around.
  3. Then drag this app to another app that you want to sort in the same folder.
  4. Let go of the held app.
  5. A folder with the two apps is created automatically. To add more apps to the folder, drag additional apps into the folder. The name is automatically selected first. However, you can change it at any time.

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