How to connect Wear OS to Android Q?

If you want to use a fitness tracker with your smartphone to record your health and fitness level, you have to connect the two devices. To connect the Wear OS to your Android Q device, you need the right app from the store.

Android Q: Connect to Wear OS – this is how you connect

The Wear OS operating system is used on many fitness trackers and smartwatches. If you want to use them together with your Android Q device, then it is necessary to connect the two devices together. You need the right Wear OS app for this.

  1. First, fully charge your smartphone and your smartwatch.
  2. You must then activate Bluetooth on both devices. This is done on the smartphone via the settings and then via the menu item “Bluetooth”. You can activate your watch’s Bluetooth in a different way depending on the model.
  3. Note that both devices must be compatible with each other so that you can pair them.
  4. Then download and install the Wear OS app from the relevant store.
  5. You can then switch on your smartwatch and tap on “Set up”.
  6. Now you just have to follow the steps that are shown in the app. Finally, you need to enter the code that appears on your smartwatch on your smartphone.
  7. You can then use the two devices together without any problem

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