How to change your PIN on Android Q?

If you do not want other users to access your device unintentionally, it is necessary to set a lock PIN or a pattern. It is important to remember them well, because if you forget the number, the device is only accessible again by resetting to the factory settings.

How to change your PIN on Android Q

To protect your Android device from third-party access, it is necessary to set a PIN or a lock pattern. You can set this right at the start of using the device. Alternatively, you have the option under Android Q in the settings the PIN at any time according to your wishes adapt .

  1. To set or change your PIN, go to the settings of your smartphone.
  2. The menu item “Security” is located here. Tap this to have more choices.
  3. In the next step, select the “Screen lock” option and then tap on the “PIN” entry.
  4. Now you have the option of entering four numbers of your choice. Once you have decided, tap on “Next”.
  5. Then you have to enter the PIN again and confirm it with the corresponding button.
  6. Finally, you can enter the content of a notification on the lock screen. Confirm all changes with the “Done” button.
  7. Now you can log in to your device with the new PIN in the future

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