If your Netflix session ends, it can be due to a variety of reasons. We explain how to solve it.

Netflix is ​​the most consumed streaming platform. Despite its recent crisis , more than 200 million users have an account, and some wonder “why was I logged out of Netflix” when they can’t automatically access the platform. It is a common question because it happens more than it seems , either due to connection failures or security problems.

It is usually due to an update of information from another device , so you must access with the new password or email. We’ll get into this below, but it’s also possible that you’re logged out for other reasons. If the application undergoes a large update while consuming, we can suffer the same fate. It could also be the case that the number of simultaneous sessions is exceeded, it suffers from a security flaw or the payment has not been made.

The reason Netflix signs you out can vary depending on a number of factors, including the type of device you’re using, the version of the app, or even security issues. Signing out while watching a movie is not the same as having to sign in every time you launch the app. However, here are the solutions for you to know why I was signed out of Netflix.


According to Netflix on its website, what “sign back into Netflix” means is that the information was outdated. You must confirm that you have an account on the platform. When it happens for such reason, it shows the message “Please sign in again. You have been signed out because your account information has changed” and occurs when you changed the password or email on an external device since the last time you used Netflix on it.


Once you have confirmed the email or password, you should not repeat this message again. The app will save your credentials so you don’t have to re-enter them later. Netflix anticipates that many users may forget their email and password, so you can recover your account without remembering both , but you will need the linked debit or credit card number. Then you just have to reset the password.


As we mentioned at the beginning, why Netflix asks me to log in again can be due to different reasons. To do this, we have listed the other most common reasons why Netflix asks to log in again:

  • Several connected accounts: Whether between friends, couples or family, it is a classic to share Netflix although this will not last long . It’s possible that while you interrupted the movie, it was signed in on another device and requires you to restart it again. To avoid this, you can close the account on all devices by using “Sign out of all your devices” from “Account”. If someone activates this option, they will be signed out and will ask you to sign in again.
  • The payment has not materialized: Although it may sound strange, the truth is that it is not an unusual situation. Think that your card may expire, that your Paypal account needs to be updated or that the prepaid card no longer has the necessary funds. If so, you will need to update your payment method from “Update payment information” in “Subscription and billing”.
  • Connection failure : This error is unlikely on a computer, but it is not uncommon on smartphones or other devices with a lower connection. If we have many applications open, it is possible that the mobile becomes saturated and closes the application. On the other hand, if we switch from Wifi to mobile data, or vice versa, the application may restart with its respective request to log in again.

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