Android Q: Forgot PIN – you will get the code again

The latest version of Android offers many functions that the previous versions of the operating system also provided. If you have forgotten the PIN on your new smartphone, for example, you can bypass it using the “Find my device” function or you have to reset the device to factory settings.

You can do this if you forgot the PIN in Android Q.

If you forget the PIN that you can use to unlock your Android device, it is difficult to bypass this lock. Which procedure is now possible depends on the manufacturer of your device – regardless of whether you use Q on this Android .

  1. If you have already activated the “Find my device” function on your device and you are logged in to it with your Google account, in some cases it is possible to find the device and also to change the PIN remotely. Since this is not possible with every smartphone, you can only change the PIN in a few cases. To do this, you have to log in to the manufacturer’s website and change the PIN.
  2. If the function does not work for you, then it is necessary to reset the device to the factory settings . This also resets the device’s PIN. However, please note that this will delete all content on the device. There are several ways to reset the device – either by connecting to a computer or using recovery mode.

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