How to change the design on Android Q?

Android doesn’t offer many options to customize the design. To still be able to make changes, simply use an Android launcher and an app to download the corresponding designs. Since Android 9 there is also a dark mode.

Android Q: Change design – so go ahead

With Android there are several options to customize the design.

  1. If you only want to put the operating system in dark mode, you do not have to download any additional software. First open the settings.
  2. Now go on to “Advanced” and then to “Device theme”. Here you can choose between the different modes. You can choose between “light” and “dark”. Tap on “Dark” to activate the Dark Mode .
  3. There are other designs that you can download from the Internet. But these are only active for 14 days in the free version. Then Android switches back to standard mode. If you want to continue using the design afterwards, you have to buy it.
  4. With some apps you can change the look of your Android without paying anything. For example, download the Nova Launcher. With this you can adapt some elements of the UI and at least partially create a different look.

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