How to block a number that is NOT a contact in WhatsApp

Normally, to block a contact in WhatsApp you have to go to Application Settings, Account, Privacy, Blocked Contacts and use the “Add contact” button at the top. Now this only works if the contact is saved in your phonebook.


If you have a chat with the number

To block an unknown number in WhatsApp, or that is not a contact, there are several ways. If you have a chat with that number, the “Block” option is available on the same screen or from the menu (three-dot button) at the top, “More” and then “Block”. If it is a company account you will see the button directly in the same menu.

If you received a call

If the number has called you, go to the WhatsApp call log, tap on the call, menu button at the top and then «Block».

When you don’t have conversations or calls

If you don’t have any chat or call with that contact, you have to force the appearance of a chat window to have the button «Block». This is easily done with the same trick that is used to send a WhatsApp without adding the number.

To do this, open the web browser on your device and enter the following URL:

You must replace “number” with the phone number you want to block. Put it in international format. For example, if it is an Ecuador number 0990123456, you must enter it as 593 990123456, where 593 is the country code for Ecuador. Unlike adding a number on WhatsApp, here you should not use the symbol “+” or “00” before the number.

If the number is correct, you will see the “Send Message” window and touching it will open a chat window from which you can block the contact in the way indicated above.


In addition to blocking a number, WhatsApp will give you the option to report it. This is how you tell WhatsApp that the number is sending spam or unwanted messages. The company does not specify what action it takes if it receives a reported number.


Whether you are a contact or not, once blocked you will find it in the list of blocked WhatsApp contacts (Settings, Account, Privacy, Blocked Contacts), from where you can unlock it.

If you have an open chat you can also do it from the chat menu, or send a message, which will give you the option to unlock. The message will not be sent. You must confirm the unlocking and touch the send button again.


This covers the possibility of manually blocking a number in WhatsApp, whether you have it in your contacts or not. The only thing missing from the application would be the possibility of blocking any unknown or anonymous number, something similar to what the Android phonebook offers. This way you would guarantee only messages and calls from your contacts and avoid unpleasant surprises.

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