How to avoid being put or added to WhatsApp groups


It’s annoying to be added to WhatsApp groups where you don’t want to be. Therefore, below we will teach you how to avoid being put or added to WhatsApp groups . This way you won’t have to leave groups you don’t want to be in, as they won’t be able to add you to them directly.

If you want to know how to avoid being added to WhatsApp groups from mobile, follow these steps . From the start of WhatsApp, click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner. A box will appear with several options, but you only have to touch Settings. Within Settings, click on Account, represented by a key on its left. Finally, from Account, tap on Privacy and scroll down to Groups.

The first thing you will see in Groups is a text that says “Who can add me to groups”. You can choose to be added to groups by anyone (Everyone), only your contacts (My Contacts), or only your contacts except those you choose (My Contacts Except…). Select the box of the chosen option and go back, clicking on the little arrow in the upper left corner, to confirm the change.


If you want to know how to avoid being added to WhatsApp groups from a computer, follow these steps . The first thing is to enter WhatsApp Web . Above the chats you will see 3 dots, click on them to display 4 options. Click on Settings to access settings and, as on mobile, click on Privacy. Finally select Groups to choose who can add you to groups. The option you choose on one device will apply to all devices where you use your WhatsApp account.


Even if you choose not to be added directly to WhatsApp groups, this does not mean that you can never join groups. If someone tries to add you to a group without permission, you will receive a request that you can accept or decline to join the group. These expire after a few days.

Why can’t I add someone to a WhatsApp group?

You may be wondering why I can’t put someone in a WhatsApp group. This is usually due to two reasons. The first is to have selected that you can not put him in groups . This implies that you will not be able to add him directly to the group, but a request will arrive. Perhaps whoever you tried to add hasn’t accepted it yet.

The second option is that he has blocked you on WhatsApp . If someone blocks you, you won’t be able to add them to a group. However, a common contact can add you to the group or create a group with you and whoever blocked you. You also won’t be able to talk to him or see his profile picture if you don’t know how .

As indicated by WhatsApp in its help service , there is still no possibility of blocking groups . What you can do is leave the group, by clicking on the header and scrolling until the option Exit group appears. Then block the admins so they can’t get you in again. If the content of the group is dangerous , you can report the group, the report option is located just below Leave the group.

How do I stop anyone from adding me to a WhatsApp group?

How to prevent anyone from adding me to a WhatsApp group is practically identical to how to avoid being added to WhatsApp groups. Simply select My Contacts, Except… from the Group menu. This time, instead of choosing a few contacts, select all your contacts . That way no one can add you.

Remember that you must update the list every time you add someone , otherwise this person will be able to put you in a group. When you add a contact, select My contacts again, except… and include your new contact, so they can’t add you directly to groups either.

There is currently no option in WhatsApp for anyone to add you to a group . When someone without permission wants to add you to a group, you must accept or reject the request to join. This tutorial on how to avoid being added to WhatsApp groups will help you keep groups at bay until the application includes this option.

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