Android: How to find all information about recurring payments

If you use paid Android apps as a subscription, these are recurring payments. Our guide explains which variants there are and what the differences are.

App subscriptions for Android have different types of recurring payments.

Recurring payments are all costs that are due regularly, as is the case with app subscriptions.

Android: manage recurring payments – how it works

You can find information about recurring payments for Android apps on Google Pay:

  1. Call on.
  2. Click on “Subscriptions and Services” in the navigation.
  3. Now you can see all active paid subscriptions. Click on “Manage” on the app for more information about recurring payments.

There you get an overview of all previous transactions related to the app and you can see what form of recurring payments are involved. There are automatic payments, be it monthly or for other periods, but also manual payments (in advance) or by monthly invoicing (payment afterwards). It depends on the app which of these options are possible.

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