Google Translate supports five other languages

The number of languages ​​supported by Google Translate translator software has increased from 103 to 108 this week.

EnlargeGoogle Translate now supports 108 languages.© Google

Google has its translator Google Translate this week with five new languages extended . With the support of the community and new machine learning algorithms, Google has now succeeded in integrating Kinyarwanda into its translation software. The language is spoken by around 7.2 million people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda. Oriya and Tatar are also new. The first language is spoken by around 38 million people in India, the second by around five million people in Russia. Another new addition to Google Translate is Turkmen. The official language of the Republic of Turkistan is spoken by around 6.6 million people. The fifth and final language is Uyghur, which is spoken by about ten million people in Xinjang, China.

After the latest update, Google Translate is able to translate texts as well as websites in these five languages. A screen keyboard helps to enter the different characters. The five new languages ​​are to be delivered to all users of the Google Translate app for iOS and Android in the next few days.

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